Think photography, think Cailean Maclean – Cailean Maclean thinks photography. Steeped in north-west Scotland's landscapes and history, Cailean Maclean has a rapport with people and places in the area which is clearly reflected in the images he takes. Whether it be his landscapes, wedding photography and other commission his work excites, challenges and invariably pleases.

Cailean Maclean

Cailean Maclean was born and brought up in the Outer Hebrides and has lived on the Isle of Skye for 30 years. His passion for photography developed as a Geography under-graduate at Aberdeen University and the fruits of his photographic endeavours since then include many exhibitions, publications, products and specially commissioned images. While much of his work focuses on Scotland's Highland and Islands, Cailean has also worked in Canada, France, Spain and Portugal.